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LIFE in the NWT

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Life in the Northwest Territories is like nowhere else in the country. We're sure that once you experience it you'll be hooked.

Working for NTPC means you may be living in one of the 26 of the 33 communities located throughout the Northwest Territories. Depending on the location of your role, you will likely be living in one of the five larger communities:

Depending on your role in the company, you may also have the chance to visit many of the other communities throughout the territory.

Northwest Territories Community Map

Northern benefits

Many people believe the NWT has a high cost of living—until they move here. Then they discover they can have more disposable income than they ever could in other parts of Canada. It's true that some costs are higher here, but the financial benefits more than offset those differences.

For starters, NTPC offers a generous compensation package. Not only do we offer a good salary and other benefits, but you get to save in other areas as well. For example, the NWT has no provincial sales tax (you just pay GST), our territorial income tax rate is among the lowest in Canada, and there are excellent tax deductions available just for living here.

The NWT also has the best Student Financial Assistance (student loan) program in the country. NWT post-secondary students are eligible for generous loans and grants, and may even be eligible to have their loans forgiven just for living in the NWT after graduation.

Daily life

Even our "big city" is still fairly small compared to other places in Canada, which means that the pace of life in the NWT is often pretty relaxed. No matter where you live in the NWT, the commute to work will be a short one, and many of our employees choose to walk or bike.

Having smaller communities also means they are very close-knit. Friendships are easily made and the NWT is an excellent place to raise a family. Most communities offer a range of family-oriented sports and activities throughout the year. And because we have a smaller pool of athletes, NWT children have access to opportunities that aren't available in other parts of Canada, like representing the NWT at national competitions or even international events such as the Arctic Winter Games.

NTPC also supports our employee's family lives; for example, by hosting corporate events that the whole family can enjoy and providing flexible schedules during family emergencies such as illnesses.


Home prices in the NWT range by community. In most communities, they can range from $200,000 to $599,000 and above. Rental rates also vary. For example, here are the average rates for a two-bedroom apartment in just three NWT communities:

  • Yellowknife: $1,690
  • Inuvik: $1,800
  • Hay River: $1,350

Food and shopping

Food prices in Yellowknife are less expensive than in many larger cities, with the same sort of selection you'd find just about anywhere. Prices in the larger communities throughout the southern part of the NWT are also comparable to the rest of Canada. However, costs are higher in Inuvik and the more remote communities without road access.

The NWT attracts all sorts of culinary talent, including gold medal and celebrity chefs. This creates a vibrant array of dining experiences, especially in the larger communities like Yellowknife and Inuvik.

There are also plenty of shopping options, from big box stores to small boutiques selling everything from local arts and crafts to high-end goods from around the world.


The NWT's healthcare system is rated very highly by residents, and unlike Ontario or B.C. there are no healthcare premiums to pay.

Yellowknife, Hay River, Fort Smith, Inuvik and Fort Simpson all have hospitals or acute care facilities. Stanton Territorial Hospital in Yellowknife serves as the NWT's regional hospital, so specialist services are concentrated and always close at hand. For the few services that aren't provided here, a medical travel program covers the cost to send patients outside the NWT and put them at the front of the queue in a nearby province's healthcare system.

For more information on living in the NWT, visit Spectacular Northwest Territories.